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Why choose TMS

Give your operation the leading edge over your competition through the power of analytics.

TMS is leading the way in pharmaceutical dashboard development and data analytics. We work directly with you to ensure that all the needs of your operation are met. We have helped countless pharmacies turn the edge in their operation, giving them the tools they need to increase their margins, pinpoint flaws in operations, increase efficiency, and make well informed business decisions.

TMS provides you with seemless integration of our dashboards. We provide you with easy to use, easy to understand visualizations that allow you to make well informed business decisions. Easily integrate our product across multiple platforms and have dashboards readily available for you and your operation.

We strive to make our product easy to understand and easy to use for you. We give you all the tools and visualizations you need to make the best sense out of what can seem like an endless amount of information. Take your pharmacy to the next level with customized analytics for your pharmacy.

We give your pharmacy the leading edge that allows you to spot ineffficiencies and maximize your earning potential. Increase your margins with our financial module, and see profits like never before.

We provide a multiple user interface that allows you to delegate and disperse reports to all levels of your operation. Whether it is at the technician level or executive level, we give your entire operation the tools it needs to run at maximum efficiency.

At TMS we value providing you the tools you need to completely transform the way your business operates through the power of data analytics. We aim to give you the best product, for the most reasonable price, to allow you to make the data driven decisions you need. Our clients success is our number one priority.
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