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Operational Module

Benefits of the Operational Module

Over 20 Dashboards included

Our operational module gives you a look into your daily operations related to patients, technicians, drug orders, average fill times, dispensing reports, monthly breakdowns, DEA classes, prescription usage, top patients and more. We give you the tools you need to deep dive into every aspect of the operations. Explore insights broken down hourly, daily, weekly or monthly. We are able to fully customize these reports to exactly what you need to see, and expand your productivity to the next level.

Hourly Productivity Report

View a detailed breakdown of orders entered hourly filtered by date. You can also view orders entered specific to each pharmacist

Pharmacy Tech

The Pharm Tech Dashboard provides a detailed review of Total Orders, Top 5 Pharm Techs, Quality Events, Send Orders by Hour and Profile Only by Hour. You can filter these categories by date.

Dispensing Report

The Dispensing Report gives a detailed breakdown by stores, top 10 drugs dispensed as well as monthly trend.

Dispense Dashboard

The dispense dashboard gives you a breakdown into dispense amounts over selected months, dispenses by each facility, breakdown of DEA class, and filtered by pharmacist name.

RX Report

View a detailed breakdown of Total cost by RX batch filtered by Pharm ID, Facility ID, RX batch, and total or average cost. A detailed chart is provided including information on quantity and NDC based on the filters mentioned.

Combined Dashboard

View a detailed breakdown on the overview dashboard of top 5 billed payors, top prescription usages and a breakdown of reorder information. Other dashboards explore information reviews, admissions, discharges, and detailed crosstab breakdowns.
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