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Working with your LTC Pharmacy

At TMS, we specialize in working with Long Term Care Pharmacy's everywhere. We provide a specialized product for all aspects of your operation and work with you every step of the way.

Our application extracts data from your pharmacy applications such as FrameworkLTC, QS/1, PioneerRX, Docutrack, Deliverytrack as well as your pharmacys eMAR, EMR, pharmacy packaging automation and workforce data. A few ways TMS Insight analytics can help LTC Pharmacy’s make smarter, data-driven decisions:

• Identify ways to increase profit
• Analyze workflow trends
• Compare data over multiple applications
• Track performance
• Optimize operations
• Spot inefficiencies

  • Improve productivity and increase margins
  • Easily edit and publish dashboards and presentations
  • Real time data - one button instant data refresh
  • User defined alerts
  • Your data resides on your local network
  • Automated e-mail report distribution
  • User defined atomated report triggering
  • Pre-Packaged LTC Pharmacy reports included
  • Monthly updates with newly released dashboards
Render comprehensive output to PDF, CSV, HTML, and Power Point
• Automated report production by triggered thresholds
• Fast query processing for large data sets
• Intuitive drag and drop capabilities
• Powerful statistical and analytic tools
• Wizard-guided advanced analytics
• Fast and easy SQL and Crystal Report conversions
• Custom reporting and analytics
• Schedule reports to distribution groups

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