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Benefits of the Financial Module

Up to 14 dashboards included

The Financial Module allows you to make the most critical decisions related to your pharmacy's financial operations. Cut cost inefficiency, capitilize on high performance, monitor growth and trends and explore margin profitibility. We give a deeper insight into the financial performance of each facility, drug type and where you are making money/ losing money. Our financial module gives you the ability to make the most informed decisions you need to maximize your profits and capitilize on the success of your operation.
Billed by Facility

Filter by date
Filter by facility
Total Amount Billed
Total Cost
Total Fees
Total Amount Billed By Facility
Claims Report

Filter by date range
Filter by facility
Filter by Drug Label Name
Total Claim Amount
Average Claim Amount
Weekday Trend
Top Number by Trend
Top 10 Facilities
Claims Over X

Set Claim Dollar Amount
Filter by Date
Top 10 RX with Claims Over Set Dollar Amount
Top 10 Method of Payment
Histogram of all Claim Amounts
Top 10 Facilites
Top 5 method of payment
Drill Down by RX, MOPS, Facilites

Financial Forecast

View a detailed breakdown of involving revenue, margins, cogs, with detailed breakdowns by resident with date range filters. You can also look at the predicted forecast related to the breakdown.
Margin Dashboard

Filter by date
Filter by facility
Drug Margin
Margin by Month, Quarter, Year
Total Profit Margin Percentage
Total Profit Margin Dollar Amount
Total Revenue
Margin by Facility
Margin by Payer Type

Patient Per Day

View a detailed breakdown of top patients by cost for each facility, top 10 meds by bill amount per day, top 10 medications by total cost per period, and a breakdown of each patients by detail.
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