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Facility Module

Benefits of the Facility Module

Up to 10 dashboards included

Our facility module gives you insight into each facility and how they stand apart from eachother. Explore differences in revenue, expenses, what drugs are most popular for each facility, returned medications, most popular drugs, controlled medications, interchanges and more. Improve on the short comings of each facility, and capitilize on where they are successful by gaining a deeper, more clearful understanding of how they are operating.

Invoice Generator

The invoice dashboard allows you to filter by facility name, group selection, Rx Type, Billing Period and will display detailed breakdowns of the invoice and patient details.

Spend Report

View a detailed breakdown of Medication, OTC and Insulin spending filtered by date range, top 5 by spend, total spend, and spend by facility with pages going into further detail about each factor.

Filter by Date
Filter by Facility
Total per diem cost
Top 5 patients
Spend by invoice group
Monthly trend
Top 10 medications
Per diem spend by facility
Per diem spend details

Controlled Medication

View a detailed breakdown of generic or brand filtered by date range and displaying top 15 medications for each, spend by facility and total revenue produced by orders.

Therapeutic Interchange

View a detailed breakdown of monthly trends based off the top drug types. The detailed crosstab shows information regarding patient name, report group, drug name, and dates filled.

Returned Medication

View a detailed breakdown of returned medication filtered by date range, total returned orders, top 10 reasons, returned medication by facility and top 15 returned medication.
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