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Embedded Analytics

At TMS, we offer the ability to incorporate embedded analytics within your operation. We take the dashboards/reports we create for you and implement them in a web based environment. With embedded analytics, we make dashboard navigation easier and more understandable for the user.

Designed to match your operation

We design your embedded analytics site to match the look and feel of your operation. This allows for a friendly, familiar, easy to use interface. We can fully customize and incorporate anything that you find essential to the functionality of your custom embedded site.



Ease of use

Embedded Analytics makes navigation easier than ever. With visuals and descriptions of each report and their purpose, you can seemlessly navigate between categories and reports without having to sort your way through an unorganized clutter of reports.
Power of embedded

Our embedded site is a defining step in setting your report system apart from others. The ease of use for your staff, enhanced reports, and familiarity will organize the seemingly endless clutter of data. Contact a sales representitive to discuss how we can apply our embedded analytics to your operation.


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