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We give your pharmacy the leading edge with in depth analytics and customized reports. Explore our Facility Module, Financial Module, Operational Module and Real Time module.

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Real Time

Our real time dashboards give you a live feed look at pharmacy tech order entries, total dispenses, order entries by facility, active orders, delivery updates and more!

Operational Module

The Operational Module allows you to explore details of your operations such as fill times, dispensing reports, active orders, productivity insight, order history and much more!

Facility Module

The Facility module allows you to explore different trends in depth related to each facility. Look at all your facility information filtered by specific location, pharmacy technician, time periods and more!

Financial Module

The Financial Module allows you to drill down and view the most important aspects of your operation. Explore margins, spending, profitibility, forecasting, patient per day, revenue by facility and more!
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