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LTC Business Intelligence and Data Analysis

TMS Insight - Built for LTC Pharmacy Professionals by LTC Pharmacy Professionals

Unlock  the information in your data.  Break away from limited reporting.   Experience comprehensive visually stunning reports and dashboards.


Our Product

TMS has developed over 40 dashboards and reports related to your your pharmacy's Operations, Facility, Finances and more. We give  you the tools and data you need to make informed business decisions to give your operation the leading edge over your competitors and maximize profits.

Customized for you
TMS offers exclusive custom dashboards tailored secifically to what you need! We work with you to create whatever custom report your operation may need. Reach out to a representitive today to discuss the next steps in setting your business apart from all other competition.
Real Time Information

TMS offers real time live dashboards that allow you to view all your pharmacy information currently in production. Use these dashboards to monitor things such as toting progress, orders filled, orders recieved, packaging by technician, revenue, margins and much more!
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